Nick Amato

Who are you? Nick Amato

What are you? A Sex Symbol

Where are you from? The Bay Area

What do you do? I am a Brand Strategist & Curator. What I do allows me to mix my passions. I do a little designing, photography, styling & some music stuff.

Have you always wanted to be involved in Branding & Curation ? It's funny how I fell in love with Branding. I was involved in vintage & throwbacks culture when I was in my teens and I would source dead stock vintage buyouts for F as in Frank. I would hear them mention a guy by the name Reggie Know and noted that I should check him out. Once I found his body of work, I was fascinated by how perfect his projects & campaigns were executed. His style being the most relatable but also futurist. Then was when I knew that was exactly what I want to be doing. Everything.

What’s your favorite part about working in multiple creative industries and mediums? Its always been the way I do things. Even when I was a kid, I'd play almost every sport. I'm just curious about everything & very neurotic. I guess it has a big part of allowing me to develop in each area & take on more personal projects.

How do you generate inspiration for a music mix or layout? I envision what I think the ideal finished product would look/sound like, and work backwards. 

What do you want to communicate through your work? I want to share what I think is tasteful or well done.

What have you been listening to recently? Suicide, Mars, Lizzy Mercier, Marcos Valle & Early Blink.

What’s your favorite thing about clothing? 

When you're looking fresh with your boys.

And your mom said you couldn't go to the thing.

But you go to the FUCKIN' thing anyways. 

Do you find that all the things you do work in tandem with one another?

Yes. 100 percent.

"Everything, Eventually, Connects".- Charles Eames 

If you weren't a creative, you would be… The rest of my graduating high school class.

Daily routine? Working on not being that..

Hot or Cold? Cold

In N Out or Fatburger? In N Out 

Can you do any circus tricks? Unicycling & The Kendama

What's the Kendama? Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy. My little brother put me on to it actually. 

How long does it take you to grow a beard? I don't think I've fully grown one yet..

Favorite scene in School Of Rock? When he calls that girl "Turkey Sub."

Also Saving Silverman & Orange County are amazing.

Watch them if you haven't already.


You can stay up on Nick's movements on Instagram @bynamato



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