Westside Ty

Who are you? Tyler aka Westside Ty the Beeper King

What are you? Full time Spiritual advisor & part time button masher for Vince Staples

Where are you from? West LA, from time

Have you always wanted to be involved with music one way or another? I always knew it was gonna be something I participated in professional or if not professionally, just out of love. I grew up in studios because my father, his side of the family and all our close friends were all musicians of some sort.

How did you start DJing? When I was younger I used to raid everyones music collections, dub radio shows onto cassettes, etc. My mom caught on to this behavior and surprised me with a gemini starter kit when i was 12; I taught myself the basics but mainly focused on collecting until I met my friends Niccon & Javier in high school who put me on game. Through them I met a bunch of great rappers & DJ's in the city, also got introduced to a few LA scenes (Project Blowed, Low End Theory, TripBoogie, The Pit) that helped me mold a style & still inspire me 'til this day. 

What have you been listening to recently? I'm really rockin with Famous Dex, Lil Boat, Novelist, DVA, Rezzett, Zomby, Alabama Shakes, Kevin Gates, Kilo Kish, old Timbaland production, and Cadell. There's a bunch of shit i'm missing.. 

If you weren't a DJ, what would you be? Probably something regular like a retail clerk, librarian, AYSO coach, or full time wastecadet.

Favorite up and coming artists? Feel like I answered this already, so keep an eye out for Zack Sekoff, Def Sound, NoCanDo, VerBS, Leken Taylor, Jameel Bruner, Stoney Willis, Black Noi$e, Na-kel Allah Smith, Remy Banks, Jazz Cartier, $ha Hustle, BatmanOnTheBeatz, Ca$hius Green, Pheo, Speak, Fudd, Jesus the college years, Talking to a white guy podcast featuring Judnikki, and my neighbor Dale.  

How do you like touring? Touring's fun, you get to connect with a bunch of cool new people and find a bunch of good restaurants on Yelp. The travel takes it's toll on you but so does not riding foreign, so we on the road with it.

How was performing at Coachella? You seen all them damn screens - I felt like black Tiesto up there flexin' button.

How did you first meet Vince Staples? I was with my homie Speak recording for his album Inside Out Boy at Syd's house. Vince was posted on the couch with the flooding dickie pant and we got to talking about myspace, Boldy James, and his homie PAC; been brothers ever since.

Why are you the Beeper King? One day i was walking down Sunset in the early 90's when i ran into the immortal JJ King of Beepers. I asked him "How do I get all these ladies & foreign cars in abundance like you do?" he smirked and told me "The art of good business is being a good middleman...stack em high & let him fly". He then pointed to the westside & said one day it'll all make sense; he later went to jail because his beeper empire was a front for the largest ecstasy trafficking ring in the US. My career in DJ'ing is a drug front. Free the Keebler man. 

Daily routine? Wake up, drink coffee, watch some footy if its in season, post on the couch.

Thoughts on Birdman? Y'all finished? Or y'all done?

Do you know any magic tricks? I can get paid to press buttons & stare at a laptop in a room full of strangers.

In N Out or Fatburger? Apple Pan. Quality Forever.

Lakers or Clippers? I grew up a laker fan but then Kobe snitched, complained until Shaq was off the team, Jerry West left, later Dr. Buss retired, & my ideals on sports franchises were capsized due to the fact I don't condone rape or telling. I then decided to truly tap into the depression & despair that life brings & join the Clipper nation.


You can stay up on The Beeper King's movements on Instagram @westsidety 

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