Ian Flanigan

Who are you? Ian Jay Flanigan, since 1986.

What are you? I am an extraordinary machine.

Where are you from? The Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

What do you do? I'm sort of a spy. 

Have you always wanted to be a photographer?  I don't know, I think that started around when I was like 17 or 18, but I don't think I thought of it as a career. I figured I'd do something creative either way. I went to this shitty art school for graphic design, but eventually dropped out and went after photo really hard from then on. Art school sucks, don't go. In an overall sense, I think of myself more of an artist than a 'photographer'. My day job is photography, but the real passion side of me is more about art.

Do you enjoy studio shooting or outdoor shooting? Fuck photography, I just like taking pictures. Tyler said that in the text for the first Odd Future photo book, and it hit me so hard. It's one of my favorite quotes ever, actually. I guess I'm fine with either situation, but I also hate using a lot of equipment. This past couple years I've been more in the studio and have gotten more used to it. I guess I'd still rather be outdoors, though.

What do you usually shoot with? RZ67, x100S, 7D. Got a few other ones too. 120mm film is my number one.

How do you decide what to shoot? Sometimes I just have an idea of something that I want to make, but I also carry a camera with me everywhere cause you never know what you're going to come up on. Out in the wild, I love pleasant scenes, nice light, symmetry, asymmetry, people, odd encounters, dogs, cool details on anything, food. Man, I just like taking pictures of shit I get excited about. Sometimes it's random and sometimes it's planned out, it's really random.

What do you want to communicate through your work? I'm just making myself happy, I don't care about anyone else's feelings about my work. Ever.

What have you been into shooting lately? I've just been shooting a bunch of fashion stuff lately. It's cool, I was never trying to shoot fashion at all, it sorta just found it's way to me. I'm the head photographer at The Dreslyn and that just kinda happened organically over time through shooting still life here and there. I've always had in-house photo jobs so there's always been a clear divide on where the work for the company was and where my work was, but now the lines are a little more blurry. It's regular office hours, so that's a little weird to work within, but it's also nice to have steady checks. 

If you weren't a photographer, you would be… I really wanted skateboarding to work out haha.

Daily routine? Work, work, work, work, work/party, party, party/chill, repeat

Hot or Cold? I'm chillen either way. 

In N Out or Fatburger? Fatburger, by a lightyear, or three,

Can you do a rubix cube? Rubik's*. Yah average around a minute these days, but my record is 30.06. I was so obsessed with cubes back in like 2008-09, I spread that to my friends and we just went in on it. I never got under 30 but my friend Kris got to low 20's. That's on the 3x3 cube, I can do larger ones too, 7x7 was the biggest. Nerd shit. I still play with the 3x3 a few times a week.

Can you do any magic tricks? Haha nothing impressive. Couple random card tricks and I have this cool coin trick I got when I was a little kid. I was really into magic when I was little, like age 8-11 or something. I had a bunch of tricks back then haha.

Lakers or Clippers? I don't really watch basketball, but my lady and I did go out and watch Kobe's last game, The Warriors played the same night so it was cool to watch both games at once at this cantina by my house. For someone who really isn't into sports, I'm down to watch basketball for sure. I was into basketball in fourth and fifth grade, but then skateboarding came along in junior high.

You can stay up on Ian's movements on Instagram @ianflaniganphotographs

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